Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "Limited Edition" Comic Book

I think just about everyone knows this issue...

I have often wondered why there are sooo many limited edition comic books out there? Don't get me wrong, I am am your average comic book fan. I do enjoy to pick up the alternative Spider-Man cover or shell out the inflated Dynamic Forces exclusive price, but... WHAT THE HECK!?!

I wouldn't be so annoyed, but why the heck am I paying $19.99 or upwards of $39.99 for just a freaking cover? What the heck! I could print most of the covers as a skin for my PlayStation, or wallpaper for my cell phone!

Like I said I am your average comic book fan, and I do need to have that item in my hands, or in my personal collection shielded away from grubby, oily hands of some intruder, but still... just a damn cover? Give me a break!!!

I think its high time that the comic industry has a complete HAUL OVER. I would allow the small companies to continue their deal. Let them do their alternate covers... Heck, that is the only way the likes of Jim Lee, or Alex Ross will ever work for them... but as for those bigger companies... Marvel... D.C... LIGHTEN UP!!! Put your money to use and make a WHOLE NEW STORY with WHOLE NEW ART WORK!!! THAT IS WORTH THE 19.99 for a limited edition of 10,000 or fewer. HECK, it may even restart the comic industry again...

...Just one thing...

If anyone from Marvel or D.C. catch wind of this... DO NOT OVER DO IT!!! I am sick of shelling out HUNDREDS of dollars for alternate, limited editions, or what ever for convention exclusives, direct exclusives, newsstand exclusives, Wizard exclusives... My Butt exclusives!!!

Hey, Take it easy!


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