Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con - "The Real Deal!?!"

Hey folks! 

Just getting a chance for one of our employee’s to write from their experiences at Wizard’s Philadelphia Comic Con… 

“Part One – The Bad and the Ugly”


This is Cody from Cody’s Collector’s Corner with my feelings of Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.  I was able to attend this “great” event with the help of Comic Story Café and with the help of Club House Comics.  I am very grateful for their help in attending this event, as the cost for me, (in the Boston area), to travel to the closest of these events was truly daunting!  This was my first time attending Wizard’s Philadelphia Comic Con and I must say I was very intimidated with even the notion of attending this event, since I can remember being a collector people whispered such high regard for the show of the year– the one and only Philadelphia Comic Con - and I have to say for an event that shown like a diamond among onyx… it was certainly more glitter than gold.  L
For all intense and purposes, I really wanted to check out the Con – convention or con man I don’t know – but was alarmed at the prices… $35.00 to $45.00 just for general admittance!?!  What is up with that?  $200.00 - $300.00 for a VIP ticket to see Stan Lee or a list of one of the other guests?  I thought this was supposed to be for the fans!?!  Heck for all this I could easily follow a group of Paparazzi buttheads and get more help from these idiots to get a simple hand shake and photograph!  Now I get TMZ… its not the paparazzi that ruins simple fan and celebrity exchange… it is really the promoters… sorry Wizard, maybe your magazine failed because of a larger issue…  P.S. way to go with Wizard World Boston! 
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Inside $5.00 for one hot dog, drunken idiots roving from liquor line to liquor line bumping into you, dropping items and opening sealed toys, less than satisfactory lines for the major celebrities…  by the way, if you don’t buy those VIP tickets… GOOD LUCK trying to get your chance inline, because you may not be able to catch your celebrity… 

I really was hoping for much more…  By the way, I had to charge extra for some items at Cody’s Collector’s Corner because we were whacked with a $1150 booth charge – one table, one 10 by 10 square! – this is not including all of the out of pocket expenses that we had to also pay for - For this I expected a little more bang for our buck… heh, now I see why Comic Story Café was not going to initially attend this event… 

What I really feel bad for is the fans… 

For what person had to pay just to get in and maybe get an autograph or two… I am sorry you certainly deserved better…  not to mention not much for free or exclusive items… the few that I found were unbelievably high, (oh yeah, with what they charge for a booth… its no wonder that Avatar had to charge so much for an exclusive cover variant)… 

Not to mention all of the staff and volunteers jumping around like monkeys and stepping up to people like mafia with arms crossed, chest bulged, saying, “No photos allowed”.  If I wanted to I could take their pictures free outside, besides didn’t we all pay to get in here in the first place, so what if I take a random picture of my celebrity sitting down at a table… signing autographs… for what? Oh yeah, signing autographs for the fans…  I am not asking for a picture with the person, just a shot for my photo album heck, half of those guys were actually really cool – “normal people”, if you asked they probably wouldn’t care in the first place.  “Hey Wizard, why don’t you throw all the celebrities in a hotel room and let one person in at a time, pat them down like the airline molesters and scam another dollar out of the fans before you let some five year old get a measly little picture of their childhood idol Thor…”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard the saying “just wait until SDCC”… well guess what I am here, in Philadelphia… lets talk about this show, not the show that would cost me over $5,000 just to get to!  What the heck!  Way to market a show…  “Come to Philadelphia Comic Con we don’t have any of the guests or venders as San Diego, but we will still take your money with a smile!” 
From a vendor’s perspective…  Thanks a lot for making me feel welcome… not only did I have to show up and announce my own entrance, they couldn’t even provide me with a simple banner to show my booth.  I entered as Cody’s Collector’s Corner – Dealer BEWARE – They charged me way more than what they charged other people whom were only doing this one show!  The wonderful staff at Wizard boasted “three times” the amount of attendance… “what a joke!” the only day I saw even a remotely large amount of people was on Saturday – (oh yeah that is the day you ripe people off by scheduling all the celebrities to show up – thus not giving anyone a chance to meet everyone and charge more for entrance. 

By the way, a big round of applause for Peter and Natalia at Wizard, not only did I have to introduce myself, (I could have been anyone set up in that booth – let this be a lesson to anyone who wants a free ride at the convention), but you also didn’t even bother to say “hi” or “How was the show?”  GREAT JOB GUYS! 
Something for the kids… Nope. 

Something free for the fans… Nope. 

Exclusive material… Nope. 

Major appearances by Mattel, DC, Marvel Comics, Hasbro…  Nope. 

Deals on hotel, food passes, parking… Nope. 

If it weren’t for everyone else trying this would have been completely a horrible show!!!  Everything cool was done by everyone else… that’s really sad.  All the extra after parties, movie showings, additional venues… all the extra rooms that were open – were all bought and paid for by other parties…  Other than pay the initial bill to fill the convention center - Wizard… What did you do?  Bought a great Venue – Philadelphia Comic Con and turn it into a failed Comic Magazine.  I am sorry to say, but history repeats itself, with social networking becoming as big as it is, it’s only a matter of time before a face book group or set of vendors come together and throw a REAL convention that costs a fraction of what you charge… It will be Wizard Magazine all over again, then what are you going to say… “Just wait until SDCC?”  Good Luck. 

Thus ends “Part One – The Bad and the Ugly”

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers - What a great movie.

I like the theater, I think its one of those lost beacons, like a time capsule...  A shell of what was meant to be a greater vision, still remarkable contents, but fading from the forefront of memory. 
When I have the time and money, I enjoy the luxury of the theater, it really is a pleasant experience... not everything is "meant" for the theater... but for the most part a great time is sitting in a theater and watching a great film... 

What I was thinking was "how about The Avengers..." 

As I pulled into the movie theater I remember looking at the building and saying to myself, "Well, I wanted to see The Avengers... but at the same time, why do I have this feeling that I am gonna lose $10.00 and 2 hours and 30 min..."  Almost reluctantly, I went in... 


There was practically no one in the theater... heck, even the man behind the counter looked surprised to see me. 

I paid for the tickets and went to the showing, the Avengers in 3D at 10:00 p.m... 

I sat down. 

I never got up for over 2 hours and 30 minutes...

What a great movie!  (sorry, no War Machine though) 

Taking out the nerd inside of me, I made several attempts to argue with myself, in the way "this was supposed to go like this", or "what about this part of the story line"... but every time, I just sat back and really watched the show... and enjoyed. 

Taking in the events of the previous films, "Iron Man", "Thor", "The Incredible Hulk", and Captain America, there was really nothing that needed to be "caught up" with.  The film stood on its own and packed a wallop.  Did I miss Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, of course I did, but interestingly enough...  I got over it...  actually I got over it really quick. 

Elements of the film hit home everywhere... Action was abounding, history and story for the fans, epic fantasy, intrigue. and suspense, even a little romance.. it just kicked butt! 

In total there were about 10 people in the theater and not one of them walked away upset.  I remember going outside the theater after the "final" scene played...  Two guys, obvious fans of the Marvel scene... Jesting back and forth about the when the Hulk finally came out... or when Loki, (and you know who), revealed themselves...  There was really nothing bad to be heard of... simply amazing stuff! 

I don't know what is next in store for the Marvel Movies...  I am a little skeptical about "The Amazing Spiderman" and I really wonder if Robert Downey Jr., and the rest of the crew will be back for "The Avengers 2"... 

But in the same regard all I gotta say is... 

Hulk... Smash! 

Signing off. 

- Comic Story Cafe'

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I was BLOWN away by this when it was first shown and I was BLOWN away by it again when I just happened to stumble over it... enjoy...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Justice League: CRISIS

For those of you who think the DC world is just not that cool...

The the Justice League animated series really never got the credit that it deserved, and this appears to be more jewels of the crown. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Planet Hulk Trailer

Marvel has an innate ability to create a very appealing animated picture. The main sticking point has fortunately been the apprehension of a more generalized audience. To capture comic book enthusiasts, the occasional viewer, the hard core animation fans, and even the eye of video gamers and allow their "back issue" to vintage like fine wine.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Here it is... Straight from Marvel, (with help from Youtube), to you... Enjoy the new "Privatized World Peace!"

In other news;

Marvel release dates...

"Iron Man 2": May 7, 2010
"Thor": May 20, 2011
"The First Avenger: Captain America": July 22, 2011
"The Avengers": May 4, 2012

Marvel, WHERE IS "Black Panther" !?!


Monday, December 14, 2009

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