Sunday, January 25, 2009

What happened to this forgotten, mystical adventure?

When looking “into the viewing globe” there used to be this time when everywhere you would turn, it would be impossible to miss the “great” fall event. That upcoming phenomenon which landed itself into T.V. commercials, magazine articles, store shop signs, cereal boxes, newspaper pages, radio spots, and nearly every comic book that was printed. This juggernaut was so powerful there would be a hum that would ignite into nearly every school at the start of class with the approaching milestone hot on everyone’s lips. No, it was not about the approaching “trick or treat” of the Halloween season or the coming Christmas onslaught that threatened the wallets and television sets of nearly everyone who allowed themselves a few seconds of “couch potato” relief. No, it was not the upcoming New Years and the hope of another, greater year ahead. No, these “Halmark” holidays had their own time, their own millions set aside to attack would be shoppers and innocent bystanders alike. This is about a once sacred time for kids, teenagers, and adult connoisseur of fine entertainment. A time when T.G.I.F. was at its paramount and a special night was placed into a block, where Steve Urkel and Carl Winslow would introduce the upcoming of a magical event. That legendary event that would have magazine, talk shows, toy companies and marketing firms competing for the grace of a network to pour millions into them and create an unstoppable barrage of weapons and tactics to combat a wicked war that was about to take place… That war was Saturday Morning Cartoons.
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