Friday, October 16, 2009

Image, Do Ye Walk Da Plank?

ARGHHH! Me Mateys!

What a great showing... It's about darn time that the guys, (and girls), of the long lost treasure trove of Image Comics pull their crap together and unite as a team and quit with the "I've got the most followers" attitude that has been the mainstay of this ghost ship.

Savage Dragon, Shadow Hawk, Spawn, Witchblade, Young Blood... Its like the good ol' "Conquest" of the ninties all over again... lets just hope that its not McFarlane locked in the cabin inking just one stinking page and Erik Larson the only Captain up on deck!

With a cast of new creators, writers, and artists hopefully there won't be the same mutiny that has ravaged all hands on deck like in the past...

X Marks the spot on this one... Lets just hope that these bloody land lubbers can draw up anchor, cast the sails, and not sleep with the ghost of ol' Davey Jones... ARGGHH!!!

Check out for more info.


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