Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heh! What Recession!?!

In the lost, last couple of years there has been a devastating financial debacle, that has brushed fate with nearly everyone in the United States, outreaching throughout parts of South America into the heart of Brazil, converging with the oceans impacting the world.

What do we need to cure that void?

A 24 carat gold dipped slim PlayStation 3... coolly priced at a rumored $4,999.00.

This is a complete gaming console for the Sony PlayStation Empire with matching 24 carat gold dipped controllers included... and... A ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

But fear not... for those of you who miss this one can surely pick it up in the after market for a mere $15,499.00 or more, depending on packaging, grading value, and limited run availability (rumor has it that only 5 have been thus far created)...

Fear not those of you who hate PlayStation 3 and crave the Microsoft addicted X Box 360 HALO dream machine...


What the hay is this? The Special Limited Edition Laura Croft Crystal X Box 360. What is that? A complete X Box 360 entertainment console inlaid with over 43,000 crystals creating a stunning image with the likeness of Laura Croft from the internationally acclaimed Tomb Raider series. This limited edition gaming treasure was crafted from the finest artists in Germany and is officially licensed by Microsoft. News spread of this "Dream Machine" back at the tail end of July, 2009, boasting of emerging manufacturing orders and a mere price tag of approximately $11,000.

Gaming not your style?

How about Disney Princesses?

A world famous jewel crafter in Japan, with association from Disney, recreated their favorite Disney princess' Story, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

This collection was crafted in a jewelry store in Osaka, Japan entitled Tanaka Kikinzoku. Collaborating with Disney this piece was revealed to coincide with the time honored re-release of the 1937 Disney's Snow White Film onto Blu-Ray disc. What would you pay for this? An unofficial appraisal of this item was leaked to reveal a minor price tag of upwards of $335,000. Not too bad!
Things get better and better!


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