Sunday, October 25, 2009

Funimation Acquires the rights to produce Initial D

On September 25, 2009 Funimation acquired the rights to produce the Japanese classic and underground North American favorite "Initial D." The best way to describe Initial D? Get rid of the "Family Ties" feel of "Speed Racer" and throw away the pop, Hollywood feel of the "Fast and Furious" movie series, and throw in the... well... its unlike anything you have ever seen. This really is an innovative and cutting edge series. When this story first came out it was among the first anime series to incorporate computer graphics into the classic anime drawings and uniquely bond the two into a very stylish, flowing saga.

Funimation is set to release "Initial D First Stage," Initial D Second Stage," "Initial D Extra Stage," "Initial D Third Stage." and "Initial D Fourth Stage." Although Funimation will re-dub the series using it own casting for voice actors, they have announced that the series will remain un-cut and orchestrated with the original Japanese music score.

Initial D is said to have been aired on "Adult Swim" in Australia, but with the growing strength of Funimation in North America, they will probably incorporate the series into their own Television station on cable and in their "sister" sites, like featured on . For more information check out .

Here's a little sample, just the opening for "Initial D Fourth Stage" ...

Japanese Street Racing at its very best.

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