Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Time at Writer’s Camp…

It feels like there is a lost oasis of High School drama that nearly every Hollywood writer feels the need to tap into, at some point or another of there career. Unfortunately this feeling is so strong it winds up controlling all of their writing, takes a contemporary classic story and turns it into “Not Another Teen Movie…” Normally there would be no need to make a big deal, movies like “American Beauty,” had a message, had a story, told it till the last drop, and then moved on. That would normally be the idea for most “teen” movies, but when you add in a legitimately good “legend” and give it this “teen” twist it winds up giving completely unneeded or unwarranted discrepancies. Inevitably the focus of the problem arises to the newly unearthed rumored X-Men movie that has been circulating across the internet. The only question that can be asked is… WHY? What is the need to turn all of these characters into teenagers? Looking at this cries “X-Men: Evolution,” but knowing the recently contemporary surge of combining “darker” themes and “shock” themes to all of the aspiring Hollywood, “Greats’,” own work, it is fearfully apparent that this new movie could be, “X-Men: Beautiful American Evolution”


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