Wednesday, November 19, 2008

“I Had A Dream…”

Searing mass produced fantasy that stimulates a dream, but only tickles the desire… The idea of an all controlling Hollywood film industry dominating a “comic book”, “fantasy”, and, “superhero” genera must STOP!!! There is this general idea that if we can sell it or if we can make it than it must be produced. THIS IS BALONY!!! Painfully, as I must put it, each and every story, whether it may be the most benign “X – cross over” or the weakest of “DC Superhero” ideas will sell to us, the viewers, we are stupid… But that is no excuse, for the excuse of quantity that seems to have hit the industry like a fever. I WANT QUAILITY!!! I want to watch Batman and say, damn that really is the “dark knight.” I want to see Punisher in the movies and say, “wow, that is really Frank Castle, those guys are screwed!” To elaborate on the viciousness of the industry and its tragic results, I recently tuned in to a local Boston radio station and the “stars” were commenting on an unconfirmed movie rumor about the next Superman movie. They Flipped Out when the reporter announced DC and Warner’s alleged idea to only release the film under the condition of this new film to be of darker design. Their feelings were that this was trash and should be scraped. While, I will agree with their comments to a degree, I do want to bring a child to see the same Superman that I grew up with, a well mannered man whom placed justice above all, a superman, whom always got to the crime scene in time to stop the violence. But, I will tell you what… the other half of me says, screw it, and let me see a DAMN GOOD Superman movie period! Darker design or not, I want one of the great story tellers to come out of the comic book world and weave us a screen play that gives us a Superman that all of us are craving. It’s NOT that hard! Heck, work jointly with a big shot Hollywood producer, stand your ground on the key points of the movie and move on. Don’t just talk about, DO IT! I don’t care if Superman can never get there in time, and people die, I don’t care if they work on the Else world’s fall of Superman movie, or even if Superman gave up and became a farmer… I don’t care! Tell a tale, really work on it, put your heart into it, and then give the world a GOOD STORY. I once had a dream, it was that imagination and story telling drove me to some of the most wildest and unbelievable events and situations. In this dream the “Superheroes” were cool, the “fantasy” was fantastic, and the “comic book” was the stuff of legends. I had a dream that there was no industry it was an underground scene that only a few could enter, it was that scene that made us all in and the best part of all, everyone else was out. I had a dream, I could love each and every story for what it was and move on to the next with the recollection of the last burned, engraved into my own imagination and would help me dream the next… I had a dream… now, I don’t know if I am “allowed” to…


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